Benefits of Outdoor Gyms

outdoor gym
So you don’t have money for your own fitness equipment or you are on the road? No problem – there are plenty of outdoor gyms for you to use. They can be formally set up outdoor gyms, like thousands have been set up in China before the Olympic Games and in cities all over the world.

Miami and Miami Beach for example have invested in great outdoor gyms lately to get their obesity rate down.

Why Use Outdoor Gyms?

I guess the first point is very obvious – you are out in the fresh air doing your exercises. What can be better than that? Another point in favor of outdoor gyms is that they usually don’t have any entrance or membership fee. They are there for you to enjoy for free.

You will meet great people there. Not always the same gym junkies (even though there probably will be a number of them as well), but visitors, travelers, fist timers – all sorts of people dare to give these outdoor gyms a go as they don’t have so much peer pressure like in a normal gym. So they can start to live healthy, exercise, have fun, without the price tag of a gym membership attached to it.

Where To Find Your Outdoor Gyms

But what if you don’t live in Miami, China, or an area that does have professionally designed and equipped outdoor gyms? Nothing to worry about, you can just make up your very own personal outdoor gym.

Or you might have an “old” exercise trail close by. They have been around a long time and give you some props to do do sit ups, push ups or pull ups. Have a look in your local park for this type of outdoor gym.

You can become inventive, creative and see the world around you through “gym” eyes. There is so much around you in the outdoors that you can use as gym equipment, you will be amazed. Once you have started looking at day to day items as possible exercise equipments , the whole world will become your very personal outdoor gym.

I can give you some suggestions here, but please feel free to add your own ideas and creations. I am sure everybody else would like to hear about them down in the comment section as well.

So, let’s get started:

  1. Use the park bench for triceps dips
  2. Reclaim the boardwalk / a low step / some bricks to do calf stretches/push ups
  3. Do you push ups against a low wall or (again) a bench
  4. Sit on a low wall, a chair at the ice cream parlor or (again?) the park bench, don’t lean against the back part and stretch out both legs and fold them back

OK, I am just running out of ideas so I will have to google a few more for you to keep you going but you get the point, right?

In case you don’t want to solely rely on what your surroundings offer you get yourself a piece of tube rubber that you can take with you in your pocket and start doing exercises any time anywhere.

Other Forms Of Outdoor Gyms

Parkour (or Free Running) might be an extreme version of turning your environment into an outdoor gym. If you want to try this check your area for introductory sessions on Parkour, because it is more an art form than a pure exercise routine.

On the other hand there are more and more (free) courses on offer in parks and public areas like Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, stretching classes – you name it. Councils around the world seem to realize that a bit of investment in sport is the best prevention from an unhealthy, sick society which will cost way more long term than investing in a few trainers to give those free lessons.

Road Bike Maintenance For Prolonging Your Bike’s Life

Road bike maintenance is essential if you plan on cycling for a long time. Just as a car needs weekly maintenance in order to run properly by checking the tires, changing the oil, and ensuring the belts are replaced well maintained, a road bike needs to be well maintained as well in order to prolong its life.

Essential Tips to Biking Maintenance

Before you take your road bike out for a ride, be sure to perform a quick safety check on your. Check that the screws and bolts are on tightly and inspect the frame for any signs of cracks, especially around the welds. If there’s a crack, then you need to address it immediately. Ensure that the pedals are fastened tightly and that all the cables are correctly routing through all the proper stops.

Be sure to lube the chain every 100-200 miles as it tends to easily build up with dirt. Use a bike specific lube as motor oil or WD-40 attracts dirt. Check that the tires are filled to the proper pressure and that are no punctures anywhere. Lubing your chain is important as the buildup of dirt may cause kinks in the chain. Lubing it will also prolong its life.

Keeping your bike well maintained is essential if you plan on riding for a long time. Before getting started in performing road bike maintenance, there essential pieces of equipment that you will need in order to keep your bike well maintained. You will need a work stand where you are able to prop up your bike, degreaser to remove dirt, bucket of soapy water to wash the bike, a brush to scrub the bike, oil for the chain and axles, and also clean water to rinse everything down.

The best place to start is from the bottom up by starting with your wheels first. Using a brush you will need to work the degreaser into the sprockets to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. However, be sure not to put too much on the bearings. Allow the degreaser time to work its magic on the sprockets and then wash it off with hot water as you scrub the sprockets clean. Then proceed to scrub the spokes of the wheel while also removing any black residue from the brakes.

It is very easy for your tires to get dirty so you will want to clean those as well. Once your wheel is cleaned, use a soft scrubbing brush with soapy water. This would also be a good time to thoroughly inspect the wheels. Check that there are no cuts in the tread or any punctures and replace if necessary. Then proceed to rinse off the tires by using clean water and allow them to dry.

Removing the wheels will make cleaning the rest of the bike a lot easier. You can also take this opportunity to place your bike on a stand while your wheels are drying. Place a stick or old axle through the rear end of the bike to rest the chain on something. Then use degreaser and a brush to thoroughly clean the chain, the front and rear deailleurs, the chain rings, cranks, brakes and other pieces of metal.

This process may get a little messy so be sure that your stand and bike is propped over cardboard or a bunch of newspapers. As you are cleaning the metal components, be sure not to allow the degreaser on the saddle, handlebars, headset or on the bracket bearings. Again, allow the degreaser time to work its magic and proceed to use hot water to remove the degreaser while wiping it down.

With a sponge and a bucket of soapy water, clean underneath the saddle, bottom bracket, brakes and forks to remove any dirt. Always start with the saddle and handlebars and work your way down the bike. Then rinse the bike off with clean water and repeat if necessary. While cleaning your bike, sure to look for any problems such as worn brake blocks, frayed cables, cracks or any damage to the frame.

Once everything is clean, all you need to do is dry your road bike with a clean cloth and put your wheels back on. The first time around, this may seem like a tedious process but as you do it more often you’ll become a lot quicker. Besides, keeping your bike well maintained will not only prolong the life of the bike but it will also enable you to enjoy riding a lot more.


Road Bicycle
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Why Kayaking is A Great Chance to Get Outside

Spending time outdoors is constantly gratifying. In the city it may seem difficult to find outdoor activities, Cincinnati canoeing is one opportunity. Boating down the rivers and streams is a scenic excursion.

If you prefer a solo experience, Cincinnati kayaking is another good alternative. Canoeing and kayaking give the opportunity to see the area with a different perspective. Instead of driving over these beautiful waterways in your car, get out there on the water and be active.

Canoeing and kayaking are a great exercise for anyone. You do not have to be in peak physical condition to paddle. Paddling is a good and relaxed way to exercise. Much like hiking, it gives the chance to be outside and to get your body moving. You do not need your music player to keep you going. Take out the ear plugs and immerse yourself in the world around you.

boating on the water is a good chance to see and hear things you never knew were there. There is a lot of wildlife to be seen on the shores of streams. Herons, cranes, turtles, and snakes are just a few of the many animals to be seen. Along with the animals, there are gorgeous plants that line the water. In addition, beautiful rock formations, often carved by the river itself, are discovered while drifting down the rivers. If you enjoy photography or just like documenting your life, these rivers make nice visuals to go along with a great story of a trip down the river.

Where To Get Kayaks

There are great sites to see and it is a great time to share with loved ones. Canoeing with people you love makes for an even greater experience. However, communication with the people in the raft is the key to successful canoeing. It is far more productive when the two people paddling in a canoe can communicate effectively. If you have troubling directing or following directions, kayaking may be a wiser selection. Kayaking allows you to make your own decisions and travel where you want to go. Kayaking is also a good option if you just want time to be by yourself with nature. If you don’t have kayaks yet, then you should get one. I found some top kayak reviews to get you updated for the newest designs of kayaks,

One of the best things about canoeing and kayaking is that it is not time consuming. It does not take a week to plan and do; it is an ideal one-day excursion. All you do is make a quick phone call to a canoe and kayak livery and sign a waiver. They will give you your preference of either canoe or kayak, life jackets and instructions, sometimes even a guide. Then they will send you down the river to their other port, where they will pick you up and transport you back to your car. Their services allow you to enjoy a great day on the water without the trouble of finding your way back to your vehicle. Boating down the river in a canoe or kayak is the perfect day trip for anyone needing some time away from the computer or for anyone that needs to step out of their cubicle and spend some time in nature.

Happy Kayaking!